This is a tiny little website about me and my interests.

I am, as the title implies, a member of the National Ski Patrol. I like to ski very much. I was a ski bum once upon a time. Yes, a true bona fide ski bum. I skied around 60 days that season. That averages out to skiing more than once a week all year long. Lucky for you, I kept a journal.

Even though I like the snow, I also enjoy warmer climates from time to time. You might be interested in seeing the Costa Rica Trip Galleries, or the Daily Summaries. Both tell the same story but tend to touch on different aspects. (I also have larger images, so please ask if you'd like a better copy of one of the pictures).

I also enjoy mountaineering/climbing. I took a few classes from both RMI and the Mountaineers. The Mountaineers suck (and here's why).

I recently tried to order an item from Cascade Toboggan. Here's why that was a bad idea.

Sadly, some stupid individuals made some trouble, and so I have had to put some terms and conditions on the usage of this website. Usage of this website is subject to these Terms and Conditions.